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interesting podcast Daily Me July 21, 2006

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CLICK HERE About personalized newspapers – sample from the audio edition read by Penn Jilette ( .au format, 6 minutes to download at 28.8)
This is text from 13 NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE (1995) Being Digital P. 168-171.

“On-demand information will dominate digital life. We will ask explicitly and implicitly for what we want, when we want it”

“…The economic models of media today are based almost exclusively on “pushing” the information and entertainment out into the public. Tomorrow’s will have as much or more to do with “pulling,” where you and I reach into the network and check out something the way we do in a library or video-rental store today. This can happen explicitly by asking or implicitly by an agent asking on your behalf.”

“The “prime” of prime time will be its quality in our eyes, not those of some collective and demographic mass of potential buyers of a new luxury car or dishwashing detergent.”


Browser Facts and Figures July 7, 2006

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Yesterday while I was browsing through the net trying to find facts and figures about RSS, email alerts (to incorporate into my dissertation on personalisation online) I came across this site which had some interesting statistics (that might be useful to any of you) so I thought of sharing it with you guys.

Unfortunately I have not found any facts and figures about RSS, email alerts, desktop alerts, which I really doubt that I will find because its such a new topic….so I am still searching and if anyone came across any statistics can you please pass it on to me. Thanks

Reference: Personalisation principles and definitions July 4, 2006

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Web mining for Web personalization

BBC personalisation case study June 21, 2006

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I havent disappeared or anything…its just that I have been actively researching for the past months on my dissertation topic on personalisation in mainstream media websites…and trying to get hold to as much people to interview as possible. I have made a serious headway but moving very slowly though especially getting hold of media people….the past three weeks I have sent out almost 50 emails to various media editors….till now not one single response Expect for the BBC whom I met last week Thursday 15 2006. The person I interviewed at the BBC was Mr. Pete Clifton…he was very friendly and cooperative…prior the meeting he gave me a tour around the BBC interactive news department then we started the interview where he answered to all my questions. Mr. Clifton told me that in two weeks time the BBC will launch its revamped website layout where it will feature also a personalisation function. He later promised to send me the results of the launch by end of July so that I can incorporate it into my dissertation.

According to Mr. Clifton, BBC’s main decision to implement personalisation online was based on audience feedback where the majority of respondents said that they expect increasingly to have more control over what they consume. They want to feel more involved…. they want to take their news in a particular way and consume some elements of it more than others, that is what they like to do. Another reason for implementing personalisation is also related to applying the Web. 2.0, which is an umbrella for loads of stuff, But BBC’s personalisation does not just stop at offering …..I am still emptying the tape I have just finished 5 min of the interview..and still have a long way to go…….

Personalised Cruise Tour June 7, 2006

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Now while researching sites that are applying personalised features…I came across an interactive overwhelming experience on http://www.freedomoftheseas.com

…..mmmmmmm wish to be there for real 😦

Quick site review:
-It’s interactive site using FLASH8
-The personalisation feature on this site is through selecting a menu that drops down from the top of the screen, where you can select what type of vacation you are looking for and based on that the host gives you the tour.
-Video speed is quick and its quality is crystal clear.
-Navigation tools used is innovative, there are gold bubbles appearing on the screen where user can interact with people and objects or user can simply click on the arrows that appear on the screen.
-using room map above the screen is also another navigation tool where user selects the types of rooms or decks he/she would like to explore
-to go back home click on the anchor
-Has option to exit, skip intro and go back to the home page
Note: the Homepage is based on Tables and not CSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-User also has the option to turn on/off the sound
-User can reserve online or contact the cruise agents for further inquiries.

Media contacts May 22, 2006

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I started to correspond with some consultants to just get a quick glimpse and have a better picture of the issue of personalization. Last week I sent out Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express. I only received an email from the Daily Telegraph asking me to contact the PR office because Mr. Newland left the newspaper…so am back to square one.

This doesn’t sound good so I sent off an email to Karen Collier today to ask her if she has an updated list of media contacts email…I hope I get a response from her ASAP.

Statement about personalisation May 14, 2006

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“Personalisation will become increasingly important as use grows of the Net on mobile phones, where information must be more carefully filtered due to limited screen space.”

source: http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,39731,00.html

Bloggers arrested in Egypt May 13, 2006

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Just received an email from a friend of mine who is an avid blogger…actually the email is a petition asking everyone to call for the release of 6 bloggers who were detained by police (just because they are blogging)….. this coincides with my conclusion in my Media Theory essay saying that the internet alone cannot bring about democracy and enhance political participation….and also any benefits that internet brings to democratization or effective political participation in Egypt will be of a long term nature, mainly because both political reform and the IT field are still considered in their infancy stage.

>From: Amr Gharbeia
>To: Undisclosed.Recipients: ;
>Subject: Peaceful Protestors in Prison while Mubarak visits Gemrany
>Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 01:44:45 +0300
On the day of Mubarak’s arrival in Germany, peaceful protesters are
being imprisoned for supporting independent judiciary. Of the 48 detained so
far, 6 are bloggers. One of those, Alaa Abdel Fatah, is a very good friend of

We have worked together to build the Egyptian blogsphere, and last
year, he won the DW Best of the Blogs special award for freedom of speech, while
I won the Best Political Blog in Arabic.

We managed to launch a world-wide campaign to free Alaa and the other

Please help us by spreading the message to German-speakers. This is an
interview I did to DW today:

You can stay updated with the whole campaign through the Free Alaa

Amr Gharbeia

May 13, 2006

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Survey on American broadband internet users: Personalisation issues May 13, 2006

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I just read a study conducted by PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT which was released on 22 March 2006. This study was mainly based Americans’ use of the Internet with a focus on behaviors of broadband users. Nevertheless, it’s a good lead for my research. Here is a brief of the findings that I found related to my dissertation topic:

-Broadband internet users’ main news source are online news websites.

-Traditional media organizations dominate online news sources.
-46% of all internet users go online for national TV news
organization such as CNN or MSNBC; 52% for broadband users.
-39% go to portal sites such as Yahoo or Google;44% for broadband users.
-32% go to websites of a local daily paper; 36% for broadband users.
-31% go online to view a local TV news station; 33% for broadband users.
-20% go online to view national daily newspapers;24% for broadband users.

-Online news consumers are willing to register for news, but are not willing to pay.
Now my question is why is that, is it because information online should be accessible to all, right?! …mmmm?

-53% of those who say they have ever gone online for news, say they have registered at a website in order to get news and information. This number rises to 54% for all broadband users and 59% for broadband users who have gotten news online.

-Not many internet users pay for online content; only 6% say they do. Home broadband users are more apt to do this than dial-up users. High-powered broadband users are most likely to do pay for news content.

As to setting up personal preferences for news alerts, 19% of all internet users have done this, or about 23% of online users have visited a news site online. Fully 61% of those who have done this are broadband users.

Source: http://www.pewinternet.org/pdfs/PIP_News.and.Broadband.pdf