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Assigned the website February 23, 2007

Posted by lsalama06 in work_website.

Last week I was assigned to take over the responsibility of the chamber’s website. Mainly the new website is programmed in Germany, so mainly I wont have to worry much about the programming part. However, what I have to think and plan for is how to transfer the information on this new site. So first I need to learn about what is this new site is all about. The first thing I learnt is that the website’s CMS is based on TYPO3 using PHP or SQL code, which is customised according to the website’s needs.

Currently I dont have an administrator yet, so for the time being I am just reading about TYPO3 to get a general knowledge about how the administration works
Three things I want to learn first:
1-How does the editor interface support other languages.
2-How the Admin creates custom user types, roles or groups that specify permissions for what data a user can see, what they can edit, as well as what features they can access.
3-Also I want to know in it customizable Workflow, how content could be approved by the ‘editor’ for viewing by logged in ‘members’, but not for the public until approved by the ‘marketing department’?



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