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First day at work November 15, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Hot issues.

First day at work actually went really fine…everyone was welcoming me and they were happy with what they saw. And I feel comfortable with my colleagues. The first thing my boss asked me “So what is the most thing you learned in one year…tell me in one word”…it was a tricky question….so I decided to expand the question a bit and said “well on a personal level I learnt to toughen up a bit…on a professional level I learned alot from the university”…I said that unfortunately I wont be able to apply what I learned because I will need the proper softwares and not pirated ones because it will be used for company and not for personal use that is why it is important to purchase the software and our company should not jeopardize its reputation(software piracy in Egypt reached approximately 65 per cent), and ofcourse I will be needing the right computer, well believe it or not I suggested that the company has to purchase MAC, my Boss was convinced and told me to look around and he might also consider purchasing one for himself too 😉 ….so he told me to look around for Apple and compare prices 🙂 Didnt do much at the office today just cleaned my mail box and my desk….and next week will hold a staff meeting to present my editorial calendar for the year and also might have a meeting with all the freelancers to meet them.

Now that was my first day at work…tomorrow I wont be going to work as I have to finish some errands work applications and permits etc….so will be dealing with all type of bureaucracy administrative governmental offices….mmmm lots of fun eh

As for how I feel about the country…Deep inside me I feel really sad of what the country had turned into…the country has gone really backwards…no development at all…on my way to work this morning I just looking through the car window I can see living conditions of the people is deteriorating, there are more people in the country…and I one of my colleages told me a story of one of the messenger boy at her office that he earns 300 Egyptian pounds (£30) per month has 7 children. Each child costs him about 200 Egyptian pounds a year only for their education (this is excluding private lessons, which has become a trend in Egypt that all pupils have to take private lessons even if they dont want to…students are forced to take private lessons by their teachers otherwise they wont pass their classes). Not to mention costs for their food, housing, transportation and medical treatment, and I am talking here all the necessary things for living…I didnt mention presents, trips, etc….is this fair? What is the government doing about this…obviously nothing….so what is the solution, I wonder?



1. joe - November 26, 2006

hey lubna
hope it’s goin well now you’re back 🙂

2. Witoon - January 2, 2007

Your first day seems very long.
You still got guts, haven’t you?
Come on, go on changing the world!!!

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