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Last Weeeeeeeeeeeek November 9, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Personal Diary.

Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend of mine in Cairo. He just arrived from a job interview in Abu Dahbi, he seems content with the the offer: position wise and ofcourse money wise. Now what is interesting is his little adventure in Cairo airport…he told me ofcourse the airport is still in its chaotic state as renovation work is still being undergone…God knows when these renovations will end..anyways he almost lost his luggage…as someone took his luggage off the rail, luckily my friend saw the person and ran after him and almost got into a huge fight…..so he warned me to keep a close eye of my luggage…well I told him not to worry because my luggage is way to heavy for anyone to just to pick it up and walk away with it hehehhee. Anyway this is just one example of what I should expect once I step in the land of adventures…

In exactly how I feel these days…I guess am still in denial of going back home…actually I don’t know exactly what I feel. Someday I feel excited and happy to go back home, other times I am scared and anxious. I don’t know I guess this is all part of my experience this year -besides the learning, education and meeting all those wonderful people out here- it is getting gushed with mixed emotions, in hope of finding my true self. So what I will do is sit back and enjoy every moment of it. Maybe enjoy is not really the right word here but eh….

Ok am off now …have loads of errands today…will catch up later.



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