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interesting podcast Daily Me July 21, 2006

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CLICK HERE About personalized newspapers – sample from the audio edition read by Penn Jilette ( .au format, 6 minutes to download at 28.8)
This is text from 13 NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE (1995) Being Digital P. 168-171.

“On-demand information will dominate digital life. We will ask explicitly and implicitly for what we want, when we want it”

“…The economic models of media today are based almost exclusively on “pushing” the information and entertainment out into the public. Tomorrow’s will have as much or more to do with “pulling,” where you and I reach into the network and check out something the way we do in a library or video-rental store today. This can happen explicitly by asking or implicitly by an agent asking on your behalf.”

“The “prime” of prime time will be its quality in our eyes, not those of some collective and demographic mass of potential buyers of a new luxury car or dishwashing detergent.”


Browser Facts and Figures July 7, 2006

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Yesterday while I was browsing through the net trying to find facts and figures about RSS, email alerts (to incorporate into my dissertation on personalisation online) I came across this site which had some interesting statistics (that might be useful to any of you) so I thought of sharing it with you guys.

Unfortunately I have not found any facts and figures about RSS, email alerts, desktop alerts, which I really doubt that I will find because its such a new topic….so I am still searching and if anyone came across any statistics can you please pass it on to me. Thanks

Reference: Personalisation principles and definitions July 4, 2006

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Web mining for Web personalization