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BBC personalisation case study June 21, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Dissertation.

I havent disappeared or anything…its just that I have been actively researching for the past months on my dissertation topic on personalisation in mainstream media websites…and trying to get hold to as much people to interview as possible. I have made a serious headway but moving very slowly though especially getting hold of media people….the past three weeks I have sent out almost 50 emails to various media editors….till now not one single response Expect for the BBC whom I met last week Thursday 15 2006. The person I interviewed at the BBC was Mr. Pete Clifton…he was very friendly and cooperative…prior the meeting he gave me a tour around the BBC interactive news department then we started the interview where he answered to all my questions. Mr. Clifton told me that in two weeks time the BBC will launch its revamped website layout where it will feature also a personalisation function. He later promised to send me the results of the launch by end of July so that I can incorporate it into my dissertation.

According to Mr. Clifton, BBC’s main decision to implement personalisation online was based on audience feedback where the majority of respondents said that they expect increasingly to have more control over what they consume. They want to feel more involved…. they want to take their news in a particular way and consume some elements of it more than others, that is what they like to do. Another reason for implementing personalisation is also related to applying the Web. 2.0, which is an umbrella for loads of stuff, But BBC’s personalisation does not just stop at offering …..I am still emptying the tape I have just finished 5 min of the interview..and still have a long way to go…….



1. Cris - September 14, 2006

Hi, am a friend of Robert Keech, he told me abt your thesis. Im interested in Webvertising Personalisation not quite what you are researching abt. But here is what i could find. You could get hold of this guy to get as many approach angles as you can.

Personalisation of the newspaper: good or bad?

Peter Bale, editor of Times Online, the online portal belonging to the UK’s number two quality daily, criticised the idea of over-personalising newspapers when speaking at the ‘Tomorrow’s Web’ conference on May 3rd. His main criticism of personalising newspapers is that it makes for a “dull” newspaper. For Bale one of the main objectives of the newspaper is to “give people journeys that surprise them,” in his view this is hampered by personalisation.

Bale did, however, quote examples of instances where some personalisation can work well. Here he mentioned the BBC’s online product, ‘Your BBC News’ which uses a ‘panel of personalised headlines’; this system allows a comfortable ammount of personalisation, while simultaneously “ensuring that users are still able to stumble across interesting stories.”

Another good way of offering some personalisation to readers in Bale’s view is the system of ‘Editionising’, the core concept of which is to offer various editions of the ‘core product’ with small variations for target audiences. This system allows a newspaper’s website to “differentiate parent products and focus attention on the core values of the product.”

Source: Association of Online Publishers (through the Ifra executive News Service)

2. Cris - September 14, 2006

And one more thing… I think emailing is not always the best way to get hold of people. You should rather call or go there and don´t leave without your mission accomplished. Thats what journalists do to get what they want.

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