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Gallery lightbox or basic Javascript? April 11, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

after scoping around to find the best looking slideshow for the gallery for the website…I found five interesting scripts four of them are using the lightbox effect http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox/ it’s a really cool effect which places images above the current webpage, thus keeping users on the same page. But I had problems when opening it on explorer……see images below.

Anyways I had to make up my mind which script to use for the gallery. Lasst night had a long discussion with Robert Keech on skype….and based on that I think I have settled for the java script. due to the problems faced on implementing the lightbox in IE, as mentioned below.
Robert Keech: 23:21:48: the script doesnt work too good on this site
bubbles0673: 23:23:39: the slideshow script you mean
Robert Keech: 23:23:49: does the centre position work fail all the time
Robert Keech: 23:23:51: it works for me
Robert Keech: 23:24:04: or is it just fails on your mac
bubbles0673: 23:24:37: when I open the slideshow in explorer it’s not centred it appears on the bottom left
bubbles0673: 23:26:37: actually the page that you see on http://www.scherlmostagee.com/gallery1.html is not based on the slideshow script….its just an html page
bubbles0673: 23:26:43: its not dynamic at all 😦
Robert Keech: 23:26:52: whats what a guessed
Robert Keech: 23:27:26: so from the top the centre issue is with what browser Explorer
Robert Keech: 23:27:33: or Mac browser
bubbles0673: 23:28:07: the the lightbox centred appears in mac browser
bubbles0673: 23:36:34: if you open this page in explorer the light box is out of place
Robert Keech: 23:37:40: it may not be the middle of the explorer window
bubbles0673: 23:37:51: that is the problem
Robert Keech: 23:38:06: but the code, says in the middle of the screen
Robert Keech: 23:38:13: so its correct
bubbles0673: 23:41:22: yes another problem is that the quality of the image in not good when I use this script
bubbles0673: 23:41:40: I am thinking of using another script …its also java based bubbles0673: 23:41:50: not as cool as this one though
Robert Keech: 23:42:27: hmm Java or Javascript
bubbles0673: 23:42:36: javascript
bubbles0673: 23:44:24: http://javascript.internet.com/miscellaneous/gallery-viewer.html
Almost done with the pages and should be ready for testing by tomorrow midday.

Here is how it looks in Safari
Picture 7.png

Here is how it looks in Internet Explorer
Picture 8.png



1. joe - April 12, 2006

do people still use IE on a Mac? Isn’t that like using leaded petrol in a smart car?

2. Lubna - April 12, 2006

No … but most users don’t have mac…they have pcs 🙂

3. joe - April 12, 2006

lightbox works fine in IE on a PC, so I supposed you’re dropping it because it breaks on IE / Mac…

4. lsalama06 - April 12, 2006

Yes I know. But unfortunetly I have to drop it for the moment….I can’t afford now to do trial and error….I have to deliver the website by end of this week to my client because he’s traveling and I have to hand it in on the 20th of April to Claudia and also I dont have anyone this week to consult if I face any technical problems with the lightbox script (because I still havent learnt javascript)…. also I already started developing my gallery using another javascript (as a beginniner in coding I am learning alot with it)….but for sure I would like to fiddle more with the lightbox JS after I hand in the website on April 20. I think its an excellent solution to avoid using pop-up boxes and ensures that users stay in the page….and looks really cool.

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