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Dissertation topic idea April 11, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Dissertation.

Well I decided that I will be doing a disseration. Here is just a thought of a topic idea….and please feel free to jump in with your comments.

How technology is going to change the media of the future?
I think now with the advancement of technology…media is more adapting to the demands of people and that is mainly to be instant and accessible
Information have to reach the viewer/reader FAST. But the diliema is how accurate this information is.

Also a key element about technology is speed and interactivity, actually more about interactivity. With internet…audience/viewer can interact with the medium…

With internet it has become a two way interaction…and also a one to many interaction

The key word is interaction that is what the added value of of new media, namely the internet.

Another key word is convergence. Everything around us is now converging
Even the media is converging..with internet you can have text, video, audio
same with mobile (wireless connection) you can have text, video, audio.

Ofcourse to make all this sound relevant I hav to get some stats or forecasts.



1. rawstylus - April 11, 2006

This would make a great topic. Technology is having a major impact on the Media and is a key influencing factor. Best of luck.


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