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Contact me form script solved April 10, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

These past weeks…I have been working around solving the coding puzzles. First it was the contact me form the script was from (www.daniweb.com/tutorials/tutorial38784.html). After two days of work…it was solved ofcourse with the help and consultance of my new skype friend Robert Keech:

bubbles0673: 19:40:54: i have a submit email form…it works but when I receive the email but I dont receive anything in the message? here is the php script do you think there is something wrong with it

bubbles0673: 19:41:49: and here is the form in html



Robert Keech: 19:42:04: what is the content of $message variable
bubbles0673: 19:42:27: this should be left for the sender to fill in
Robert Keech: 19:48:01: are u sure the form method is post and not GET
bubbles0673: 19:49:04: actually I dont really know because I got the script from this site http://www.daniweb.com/tutorials/tutorial38784.html
bubbles0673: 19:49:16: maybe you are right
Robert Keech: 19:50:30: post is correct
bubbles0673: 19:50:58: at the moment I finally got the site online
bubbles0673: 19:51:08: but have to redesign the CSS
bubbles0673: 19:52:11: I can send you the url once I am done…to have your opinion 🙂
Robert Keech: 19:52:21: ok
Robert Keech: 19:52:26: it should work your scrupt
Robert Keech: 19:52:28: script
bubbles0673: 19:52:33: it does
bubbles0673: 19:52:48: it sends but in it does not include any message though
Robert Keech: 19:52:52: again what was the problem
bubbles0673: 19:53:22: the problem is that when I receive the email I do not receive anything in the message..its empty
bubbles0673: 19:53:51: can I call you
Robert Keech: 19:54:03: ok
bubbles0673: 19:58:27: http://www.scherlmostagee.com/contact_me.html
bubbles0673: 20:02:40


Robert Keech: 20:03:16: mail( “lsalama@yahoo.com”, “Feedback”, “This is a message” , “From: $email” );
Robert Keech: 20:14:42:

bubbles0673: 20:23:22

Robert Keech: 20:23:39: print $message;
Robert Keech: 20:26:48: the syntax is correct
Robert Keech: 20:26:50: http://uk.php.net/function.mail
bubbles0673: 20:26:58: http://www.scherlmostagee.com/contact_me.html
bubbles0673: 20:32:13: http://www.streamline.net/wh.php
bubbles0673: 20:35:30: input type
Robert Keech: 20:37:39


Robert Keech: 20:37:40


Robert Keech: 20:37:48

Robert Keech: 20:38:12


Robert Keech: 20:38:41


Robert Keech: 20:39:53

bubbles0673: 20:41:48

Robert Keech: 22:31:42
sent file “(ebook – PDF) – Web application design with php4.pdf” to members of this chat
Robert Keech: 22:32:11: this book should do u well
bubbles0673: 22:33:21: ok will check it out
bubbles0673: 22:35:29: ok am downloading the book
Robert Keech: 22:35:44: its a big book
Robert Keech: 22:54:11: i still cant figure out what is wrong with the php
bubbles0673: 22:54:52: actually my main problem is this script and another one for ecard
Robert Keech: 23:04:15: http://www.faqts.com/knowledge_base/view.phtml/aid/16465
Robert Keech: 23:04:19: see note a
Robert Keech: 23:07:06
else just try this

Robert Keech: 23:07:17
the $_GET is version 4.1 of php
Robert Keech: 23:07:49
or try this
bubbles0673: 23:08:24: ok let me give it a try
bubbles0673: 23:14:18: 😦 the first one is better but still no message
Robert Keech: 23:14:30: what happend?
Robert Keech: 23:14:51: try the second one
bubbles0673: 23:14:57: the second script sent the email
Robert Keech: 23:15:35: with what content
bubbles0673: 23:15:39: but it was from a@a.com? and that was not the email I wrote (as a user) and there is not message
Robert Keech: 23:15:51: that was me
bubbles0673: 23:16:00: oh
bubbles0673: 23:16:09: so you sent me an email
Robert Keech: 23:16:12: yep
bubbles0673: 23:16:24: YES it works now.



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