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FTP failure March 30, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

Ok finally I sorted out my account for my webspace. with Streamline.com Mainly I didnt have money in my bank account. But that is solved.

So now the domain name should be http://www.scherlmostagee.com
and I downloaded the cyberduck to upload the site.

So I had to go back again to update my billing information on streamline.com. But still I recieved this ERROR message on the FTP: “Hostname cannot be resolved”.

So again I sent to the technical support people at streamline…and they responded back by saying that they reset my password. Now I am getting another error message on my Cyberduck FTP software “IO Error: connection reset”.

Oh and today at uni…I went to Mark (luckily he was in today)…and he couldnt figure out the problem…so he advised me to change the FTP software and get Captain (which is supposed to be a free software)…and I did download it but it turned out to be a 14 days trial…bummer.

So here I am stuck with my duck…and waiting for streamline to answer…I also sent to cyberduck to see if they have an answer.



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