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Domain/Hosting March 29, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

Two days ago I registered with two FREE domain registeration and web hosting services
The first one is: http://www.globalweb.com.ru (russian)
Features: 1 GB Monthly Data Transfer (100,000 page views)
100 MB Disk Storage
Free Website Hosting
No Ads, Banners or Pop Ups
25 POP Email accounts
Unlimited Email forwarders.
FrontPage Extensions
Easy to use Control Panel.
Upgradable at anytime.

The outcome: Yes succeed in registering for my website and accessed my hosting
package, all for FREE. My website is scherlmostagee.glwb.info

The secod is: http://free.7host.com/free_hosting/en/free_hosting.asp

Features: Hold html documents
ASP, images, database files, etc.
50 MB of disk storage

Comment: I know this offer is pretty limited compared to the previous one but that was what Decio (the prgorammer who left me now in the dark) advised me to try it out…and advised that ASP is the same as php even better….mmmmm and besides they are both FREE so I have got nothing to loose. So I went along.

Outcome: I got my Free Account and my site was activated.
My homepage address is http://free.7host07.com/scherlmostagee

Now should come the fun part… which is to see my web site online. Well maybe not.

On that same night Decio and I registered for the two FREE hosting (this was on Wednesday March 22). We could not upload the site online on either of the websites I registered for. Hence we could not even try out the php script I have for the ecard. So Decio suggested that he will try to figure it out on his PC (because he doesnt use Mac) and gets back to me in a couple of days.

Two days past and no response from Decio….later I received an SMS from him saying that he is leaving for his spring break to Brazil (is hometown) and he apologised for the incovenience…and that he will try to work something out from there but can not promise because he is getting busy with his assignments until May…. well that is too late for me.

So I tried to work it out on my own…but who am I fooling…I can understand the terms, but am still missing lots of items to figure out this whole puzzle of php, FTP.

Anyway, thankfully Hong suggested to download the FTP software for mac (which is cyberduck) so I did and fiddled with it but still cant see my website online.
So decided (thanks to Hong’s advise) to go and purchase a domain/register for a webspace. We looked around for the best offers, I remember that Dong told me that Go Daddy offered cheap rates…but when I logged on it was so slow…so I didnt really trust it.

Then found this site called http://www.streamline.net/resources.php

I signed up for the Home package which offered the following
at a price of £18.99 a year: Instant Account Activation, Linux, Web space per True Domain 150MB, Un-restricted Bandwidth, Account Control Panel, No Adverts or Banners, 99.9% uptime, SSI includes: Mirrored back up, Online upgrade facility, 24/7 Technical support, Online help area, FREE Transfer away, Domain ownership, 24/7 FTP access, Custom Error Pages, FTP access via any ISP, Front Page basic support, POP3 e-mail Accounts, Webmail, Catch all e-mail, PHP4 scripting support, CGI, Perl support, Personal CGI bin, MySQL Database(S), ASP support, SHTML, and IHTML, MS Access support, ODBC support, Python support, SSH (shell) Acces, Customer Support:
100% free after sales support via http://www.StreamlineSupport.net.

Problems: My account is still not activated and I received my account information but I was charged for £34 so sent them an email to see what is the problem here and also am going to my bank to double check my visa card 😦



1. Volker - March 29, 2006

is it difficult to change it to
http://free.7host07.com/scherlmostageer, with r at the end?

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