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DAP New idea: We are not alone March 6, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Digital Art.

Project Synopsis: A live interactive Performance Art piece, showing how technology means that people arent ever alone anymore.

Place: Anywhere

Time: Anytime.

Duration: Infinite.
(But for the presentation purpose we will do a 30 minute performance and get a lot of users contributing from online, and even provide details to the MAIMe staff so that they can view it, and if they wish, participate aswell.

Technology Used: Communication Technology (wireless mobile phone, webcam, internet connection)

Yesterday (March 5 2006) Hong, Xavier and I met for an hour to manage and arrange our live interactive performance art issues. Here is a checklist we came up with
(1) Six mobiles
(2) One laptop (most probably Hongy’s)
(3) One web cam (Xavier and I checked today with Will, he advised us to use ichat because our initial idea was to stream the video online we still need to talk to Richard Pride about how feasible that would be…)
(4) Stickers + String +Hanger (Done)
(5) Promoting the project via leaflets and online (for launching)
(6) Book for a room ( date, time, location etc),
(7) A model (Xavier)
(8) Video camera,
(9) Contributors (+Outstation guests)

So far, these are the things in our listing.

Diagram of the project:



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