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Never FLASHED Away March 1, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Flash Tutorial, Hot issues, Issues in Interactive Media, Research Project.

Oh my God…check out these two mind blowing FLASH sites….

http://leoburnett.ca/ (make sure to click on the apples)
http://www.kamikadze.sk/flash.html (Deisgned by a Slovakian web designer)

Just when one seems to settle on the idea that Xhtml and CSS is the in-thing nowadays…here comes web designs such as the ones above to restore all Flash web deisgners their faith in FLash and make a statement that Flash will NEVER DIE OUT.

Here is an article (I guess written by an avid Flash designer) I read about Flash soon will be able to seperate content from design….

The Future is Bright for Flash

Remember my original statement, “HTML / CSS will never be able to do what Flash does – NEVER” Yet, it’s quite possible that in the future Flash will be able to do what HTML and CSS does. The short comings of Flash as outlined above may not be there in the future. It’s conceivable that Flash will be able to separate content from design and serve up pure content to the search engines and text readers; after all they are working on it now.

A day will come when a typical Flash site will be as friendly to search engines as are its HTML/CSS counterparts; it may even surpass HTML and CSS sites in terms of accessibility, for the simple reason that it supports sound and video.

Flash at least has a chance to fix its weaknesses and in time will likely do so. But, HTML and CSS will never be able to do what Flash does – NEVER.

Source: http://www.search-this.com/website_design/why_flash_will_never_die_1.aspx

(sorry about the url links …. this interface does not link urls which I post in my blog I reported this bug to the webmaster and hopefully they will resolve this problem…apologies for the inconvenience).



1. gideonalim - March 2, 2006


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