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Capturing lost love March 30, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Personal Diary.

“You know the relationship is over, but you pull out the pictures and look at them and the entire relationship flashes before your eyes. There is a split second, right there, a flash when you really, truly believe that the relationship could work again. When you don’t remember what went wrong. When you could go back. But it is only a moment, fleeting as moments are, and then the sadness sets in. And then you must put the pictures away in a box with the love letters and slide it under your bed.”


FTP failure March 30, 2006

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Ok finally I sorted out my account for my webspace. with Streamline.com Mainly I didnt have money in my bank account. But that is solved.

So now the domain name should be http://www.scherlmostagee.com
and I downloaded the cyberduck to upload the site.

So I had to go back again to update my billing information on streamline.com. But still I recieved this ERROR message on the FTP: “Hostname cannot be resolved”.

So again I sent to the technical support people at streamline…and they responded back by saying that they reset my password. Now I am getting another error message on my Cyberduck FTP software “IO Error: connection reset”.

Oh and today at uni…I went to Mark (luckily he was in today)…and he couldnt figure out the problem…so he advised me to change the FTP software and get Captain (which is supposed to be a free software)…and I did download it but it turned out to be a 14 days trial…bummer.

So here I am stuck with my duck…and waiting for streamline to answer…I also sent to cyberduck to see if they have an answer.

Problem Solving: Parking in Egypt March 29, 2006

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Seeing me now an “expert” in problem solving πŸ™‚ Volker (my client) asks my advise “how to come out of my parking place?”. The picture below is taken this morning of his car (the dark blue Jeep) parked infront of his office in Cairo.
Mmmm….this is a tricky one Volker.

Domain/Hosting March 29, 2006

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Two days ago I registered with two FREE domain registeration and web hosting services
The first one is: http://www.globalweb.com.ru (russian)
Features: 1 GB Monthly Data Transfer (100,000 page views)
100 MB Disk Storage
Free Website Hosting
No Ads, Banners or Pop Ups
25 POP Email accounts
Unlimited Email forwarders.
FrontPage Extensions
Easy to use Control Panel.
Upgradable at anytime.

The outcome: Yes succeed in registering for my website and accessed my hosting
package, all for FREE. My website is scherlmostagee.glwb.info

The secod is: http://free.7host.com/free_hosting/en/free_hosting.asp

Features: Hold html documents
ASP, images, database files, etc.
50 MB of disk storage

Comment: I know this offer is pretty limited compared to the previous one but that was what Decio (the prgorammer who left me now in the dark) advised me to try it out…and advised that ASP is the same as php even better….mmmmm and besides they are both FREE so I have got nothing to loose. So I went along.

Outcome: I got my Free Account and my site was activated.
My homepage address is http://free.7host07.com/scherlmostagee

Now should come the fun part… which is to see my web site online. Well maybe not.

On that same night Decio and I registered for the two FREE hosting (this was on Wednesday March 22). We could not upload the site online on either of the websites I registered for. Hence we could not even try out the php script I have for the ecard. So Decio suggested that he will try to figure it out on his PC (because he doesnt use Mac) and gets back to me in a couple of days.

Two days past and no response from Decio….later I received an SMS from him saying that he is leaving for his spring break to Brazil (is hometown) and he apologised for the incovenience…and that he will try to work something out from there but can not promise because he is getting busy with his assignments until May…. well that is too late for me.

So I tried to work it out on my own…but who am I fooling…I can understand the terms, but am still missing lots of items to figure out this whole puzzle of php, FTP.

Anyway, thankfully Hong suggested to download the FTP software for mac (which is cyberduck) so I did and fiddled with it but still cant see my website online.
So decided (thanks to Hong’s advise) to go and purchase a domain/register for a webspace. We looked around for the best offers, I remember that Dong told me that Go Daddy offered cheap rates…but when I logged on it was so slow…so I didnt really trust it.

Then found this site called http://www.streamline.net/resources.php

I signed up for the Home package which offered the following
at a price of Β£18.99 a year: Instant Account Activation, Linux, Web space per True Domain 150MB, Un-restricted Bandwidth, Account Control Panel, No Adverts or Banners, 99.9% uptime, SSI includes: Mirrored back up, Online upgrade facility, 24/7 Technical support, Online help area, FREE Transfer away, Domain ownership, 24/7 FTP access, Custom Error Pages, FTP access via any ISP, Front Page basic support, POP3 e-mail Accounts, Webmail, Catch all e-mail, PHP4 scripting support, CGI, Perl support, Personal CGI bin, MySQL Database(S), ASP support, SHTML, and IHTML, MS Access support, ODBC support, Python support, SSH (shell) Acces, Customer Support:
100% free after sales support via http://www.StreamlineSupport.net.

Problems: My account is still not activated and I received my account information but I was charged for £34 so sent them an email to see what is the problem here and also am going to my bank to double check my visa card 😦

Bloggers in Iran Under Threat March 29, 2006

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Iran’s estimated 70,000 and 100,000 active blogging community, also known as Weblogistan, is under threat of censorship by the Iranian government. The Iranian government is the world’s second country β€” after China β€” to own the most sophisticated filtering system for Internet content. Interestingly the filtering software is of U.S. origin, based on a 2004 study by the OpenNet Initiative.

Some Quotes from the article:

“I am very careful. Every blogger in Iran who writes in his/her name must be careful. I know the red lines and I never go beyond them,” said Parastoo Dokouhaki, 25, who runs one of Iran’s most popular blogs. “And these days, the red lines are getting tighter.”

“I write about the social consequences of government decisions and they don’t like it, because they can’t control it,” said Dokouhaki.

“It’s normal for authorities to summon and threaten bloggers,” said Mazroui. The government continued to harass him and three months ago, he was summoned once again by the authorities and told never to write about the nuclear issue. Soon after his release, he shut down his weblog.

Despite the crackdown, most Iranian bloggers say the government is not interested in eliminating blogging. Instead, they believe authorities want to use blogging to further their own goals.

Farid Pouya, a Belgian-based Iranian blogger, notes the government has just launched a competition for the best four blogs. The subjects: the Islamic revolution and the Quran.

“The government has observed carefully and learned that blogs are important … and they want to capitalize on that,” she said. “They want to lead the movement, they want to control it.”

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Script sample March 27, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Hot issues.

Here are the instructions for my ecard script…which most i have no idea what they are talking about…this is where i need someone to explain to me what is going on here:

First, find out from your system administrator if you are allowed to run cgi scripts on your server (This part i know….)

Second, find out where your cgi-bin directory is located. (no idea)

Third, find out how to call a cgi-bin script, i.e., http://domain.com/cgi/yourname/cgi-bin/script.cgi or /cgi-bin/script.cgi as examples. (no idea)

Fourth, make sure you know how to properly FTP files between your PC and unix server. Files ending with .txt, .cgi, .pl, .html must be sent as type ASCII. Files such as .jpg, .mid, .gif must be sent as type BINARY. (no idea)

Fifth, ask where PERL is located on the server. Popular locations are /usr/local/bin/perl, /usr/bin/perl, and /usr/sbin/perl make sure it is the right perl! Some systems have more than one version of perl installed. Go for Version 5.

Sixth, if the script uses e-mail, such as Virtual Cards, BNBFORM, BNBBOOK, or BIRDCAST, make sure you have the sendmail program correct or that SMTP is set correctly. In the scripts, it is /usr/lib/sendmail -t
If you must change it to /usr/sbin/sendmail or some other location, be sure to have the -t option on the command line. Making the mistake of removing the -t is a sure way to kill any of these scripts!

How to upload my site online? March 27, 2006

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The programmer who was supposed to teach me how to create a functional e-card on my site but he disappeared on me again, for the past three days I have sent him emails, called, smsed him but no response 😦 It’s really dissapointing to see how people can be very unreliable, I never expected that I would experience this in the UK. So went to Will on Friday, his advise was to read this mega over 400 pages book about FTP and PHP… I was not sure if he was serious.

Anyway, I have spent the last two days doing nothing but reading http://php.net/ it was too confusing and I still didnt understand.

Then I found out that I need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload files to my site. So I downloaded the FTP software (Cyberduck for Mac) but dont really know how to use it. The Cyberduck Help Menu is not really that helpful..especially for beginners.

All I need is to know how to make my php ecard script functional online and matches my site design!!!! is that really so difficult?

Now I have my site on dreamweaver, I have a script on php and I have an FTP file which I dont know what to do with it….now the question is how to link these files to make them work online?

I really wish someone can spare an hour to explain to me how to use FTP and upload my site online.

The photos I have till now March 19, 2006

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Volker in total you have sent me 65 photos:
People (39 photos)
Sunset (6 photos)
Transportation (15 photos)
Siwa (5 photos)

We need to select 6 photos that will be used for e-card I would like to suggest two very nice ones The sandune in Siwa and The Milkman..what do you think?

Photos March 19, 2006

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This week Volker sent me photos for the following categories:

I am now working on optimising them and making copies for thumbnails.

Volker one question I need six photos for the e-card section, do you have any photos in mind or should I just go ahead and choose them for you?

Bookings March 19, 2006

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Three weeks ago we talked to Richard pride about our project to ask him about all the networks and video streaming…He offered his help on the same day we will launch the project that is Monday 20 of March. He will hook us up on an internal network as it is fast and convienent. Then we had to sort out other issues.

Last couple of weeks we had to finlise some issues:
1-Booking the digital video camera (succeeded)

2-Booking a room (not successful). You see initially we planned to conduct the performance away from 112 because it’s too noisy from the knocking and drilling outside…so we scoped around and found two perfect rooms which were supposed to be used for audio, they are both empty but the person in charge of the room did not allow us to use it 😦 so we thought of using room 120 and I contacted John to see if there is an internet connection, even wireless will do….but I could see him in his room, same thing with hong this Thursday he waited and waited but John never showed up in his office….guess he is too busy…so finally we decided to proceed using room 112. Xavier suggests that we talk to the workers Monday morning and ask them not to drill or bang just for half an hour…mmmm not sure if they will agree but lets see, as we have no other choice.

3-The telephones. Physically we have 4 mobiles, we will be getting two more today (from Mats and Dong…thanks guys).

4-Promotion. Till now its spread through word of mouth on campus and in Cranborne House. We are building a homepage for this project…should be done tonight.

5-The umberlla. Ready we finished with hooking the strings to it yesterday and its all set.