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Index page Oked! February 25, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

Today had a very successful converstaion with my client. here is a summary of what we agreed on.

1-the first page and the look of the website…
2-Volker will ask a programmer if he can help.
3-I will send Volker the function I need to be scripted so that he send them to his programmer friend.
4-Volker agreed to have music on the website..but first I have to check if the university offers royal free music and if not then I might have to ask my flatmate if he is free to compose music (and I hope he doesnt turn out like Steve…disappearing on me).
5-I still have to send Volker the storyboard of the e-card.
6-We still need a name for the website.

Here is a sample of my Skype Chat History with (volkerincairo) I conducted with Volker today. I am registered as bubbles0673.

Created on 2006-02-25 20:27:26.
bubbles0673: 12:56:10: hi volker
bubbles0673: 12:56:28: i just finished first draft of first page for your website
Volker Scherl: 12:58:36: perfect, I cant wait to see it
Volker Scherl: 12:58:39: hi lubna
bubbles0673: 12:59:00: well it’s very basic
Volker Scherl: 12:59:02: unfortunatley i have to leave in  afew minutes, i am in the office
Volker Scherl: 12:59:11: I want to see it!!!!
bubbles0673: 12:59:11: no problem I will send it via email
bubbles0673: 12:59:17: please send me your comments
Volker Scherl: 12:59:19: I cant wait!!
bubbles0673: 12:59:23: even if you dont like it
Volker Scherl: 12:59:25: I will do so!
bubbles0673: 12:59:30: I am working on another draft..
Volker Scherl: 12:59:33: I will be honest
bubbles0673: 12:59:39: to give you at least 2 -3 options
bubbles0673: 12:59:46: you can choose from 🙂
Volker Scherl: 12:59:49: you are great
bubbles0673: 12:59:54: ok ciao for now
Volker Scherl: 12:59:57: thanks a lot
Volker Scherl: 13:00:04: see you later!
bubbles0673: 13:00:15: thank you
Volker Scherl: 13:00:50: ciao
Volker Scherl: 18:02:51: Hi Lubna,
Volker Scherl: 18:02:57: you did really a great job, I like Index2
Volker Scherl: 18:03:02: Mabruk
bubbles0673: 18:03:20: really you like it
bubbles0673: 18:03:34: i like index 2 as well
Volker Scherl: 18:03:43: yes, I really like it
bubbles0673: 18:03:45: index one seems a bit feminiin 🙂
bubbles0673: 18:03:58: I thought black is better to highlight the photos
Volker Scherl: 18:03:59: and believe me, I will tell you if I dont agree
Volker Scherl: 18:04:15: thats the best background color
bubbles0673: 18:04:21: yup
Volker Scherl: 18:04:38: if  I give a white frame to the pics it looks for shure great
bubbles0673: 18:04:56: actually when I looked around most of the picture frames I have seen in galleries, in books have a black border
Volker Scherl: 19:33:28: Lubna, I have to tell it again – you are really doing a good job with the homepage!!! I like the index 2 so much!!!!
bubbles0673: 19:35:35: thanks Volker …. I am just  a beginner though have so much to learn yet.




1. Volker - February 28, 2006

Hi Lubna,
no response until now from my friends.
This evening we will figure out the name of the page.
Please dont forget to send me the picture size you need.
lg from crazy Cairo

2. Volker - March 5, 2006

Hi Lubna,

unfortunately I have bad news.
Both of my friends can’t help you….the first one is no specialist in this field, and the second one is so busy with his degree dissertation that he has no time at all for anything else.

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