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Some thoughts on mlearning February 12, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Research Project.

Marshall McLuhan describes: “Today … most learning occurs outside the classroom. The sheer quantity of information conveyed by press-magazines-film-TV-radio far exceeds the quantity of information conveyed by school instruction and texts.”
Some features to be considered when designing for Mobile Devices:

There are many variables that should be considered when developing user-friendly interfaces for websites. According to Nielsen there are ten usability features, which facilitates the use of the websites amongst is that it maximum time to download a page should not exceed 10 seconds “that’s the limit of people’s ability to keep there attention focused while waiting. One way to so when developing course content designed for mobile learners is to reduce the use of graphics and multimedia.” Alternatively, one can turn to the properties inherent in the mobile devices and communication standards when connecting to the Internet, such as better processing power, high speed wireless internet connections, and the like.

A number of mLearning studies and articles have addressed issues relating to user interface issues.
Screen size is of utmost importance as it is the main interface the user interacts with in an mLearning environment. Nielsen (2000a, p.356) indicates that a large screen gives the user with a better overview of web content than a smaller one. Designers thus have formidable task of coming up with a device that is neither too bulky – to be considered a computer, nor too small so that it makes it difficult for the student or teacher to work effectively.

Quinn (2000), for instance, states: “My preference would be something with about an 800 x 600 color screen, a pen, a foldout keyboard (when necessary), fully networked, with a microphone and a speaker. It might be 3 x 5 inches when the keyboard is not extended, and would have a slot to plug in additional capability (for example, a camera). It would either have an advanced browser or a dedicated learning application as one of the software packages”.



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