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Photo site rolling January 28, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

Ok I have never done this before…but its quite interesting and exciting to go through the development.

-Initial contact with Client is established.
-I will mainly create an online photo
-I am not sure about the ecommerce side of it…still to be discussed
-This site will mainly display images, include search function, allow users to comment on images and order images online (I am not sure how I will do this part).
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 22:21:41 +0100 (MET)
From: “Volker & Marwa Scherl” View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
To: “lubna salama”
Subject: Re: Online client agreement
Hi Lubna,

I am sorry, I was very busy these days, so lets start now:

1-can you please fill the attached questionnaire
I will do it tomorrow!
2-I will need to know what categories you want? and
How would you want to categorise the images:
By locations or by theme? or both?
I think, both would be better
By Location:

By Theme:

3-I will need you send me a background profile about
What exactly do you want to have in the background profile,? My CV?

4-I will need you to send the photos 🙂 (I was
thinking either via email or you can send me a CD Rom
via courier or something?
I can send you some pics by mail on Saturday or Sunday , and when
is flying to London again in about 10 days I can send a CD with him
Sorry if I am loading you but I will need the text
about you, the online agreement, and at least some
photos by February 4 to be able to start working on
concept and building the site 🙂
How many pics do you need to start with your work? Are you looking for
something special?

You will hear soon from me!



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