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User Response: Dalia Emam January 24, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

Responses to the questionnaire I sent out to find what what users/designers seek when they search for photos online.



1. matsbs - January 24, 2006

I use these sites..

http://istockphoto.com (cheap)
http://sxc.hu (free)

2. matsbs - January 24, 2006
3. Hongy - January 24, 2006

Hi Lubna,

It sounds good. I like it. Maybe we can think about a concept or idea (with a strong theory). I will need to do a bit of reading on this issue.

So, 2moro, we have a meeting. I will contact Xavier..and confirm the meeting time. OK!

Thank you very much.

4. matsbs - January 25, 2006

Check out..

– iStockphoto.com
– sxc.hu

Nice stockphoto sites.

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