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Lost January 24, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Personal Diary.

Since when have I been living a lie? Since when have I been such a fool in believing in you? What did I do to deserve this from you. Was it wrong to fall for you? Was it wrong to trust you? How could I have been so blind.

I never imagined you would do this to me, leaving me for someone else. There are so many questions I want answered that will probably never be answered. You now have me questoning what went wrong in our relationship, or rather you actually never considered it a relationship, just a causual affair.

I am hurt and immensely consumed by sadness. I know I’ve many times let my feelings lead my actions and it was harmful. I blinded myself to loving you. Maybe you’ve never understood who I truly am, head to feet, body and soul. I like to think if you had known me
better you might have dedicated yourself to me as much as I did to you.

I know I have to stop trying to justify everything, its too late anyways because obviously you have made up your mind about us. Now I have no choice other than to surrender to the unexpected, betray.

(a Letter from a dear dear friend who has lost all her faith in Love..my words for her would be…for someone who betrayed you like this its not even worth thinking of…. you have to try to move on and someday Your True love will be there).



1. M. Liang Liu - January 24, 2006

bear it like your hero, lsalama06.

2. Hongy - January 24, 2006

End this…and begin your new life. Enjoy your every moment. And never think of something which is not worth to think of.

3. Big Sis - January 24, 2006

kalb wa rah

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