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META ME January 18, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Digital Art.

Q: What words would you use as a META description of yourself(12 words max)?

Friendly, hard-working, romantic, shy, adventerous, caring, realistic, sometimes creative, humane, Egyptian, female, and

Q: What words would you use as a META description of your interests (12 words max)?

Animals, traveling, culture, movies, music, design, and colours.

Q: Who are your favourite artists, writers, designers working in the area of interactive digital media? or whose website would you link to?

Hassan Shark (Egyptian painter), Azza Fahmy (Egyptian jewellery designer), Salah Taher (Egyptian painter), Mohamed Sobh (Egyptian actor), Abdel Halem Hafez (Egyptian Singer), Naguib Mahfouz (Egyptian writer and Nobel prize winner), Picasso (Spanish painter)

Q: What images.visuals do you like at the moment (pictures, paintings, adverts, artworks, designs products)?

Photos, adverts and sometimes art works.

Q: What other media is of interest to you? Why?


Q: What for you is important about interaction?

simultaneous instant feedback

Q: What is your preferred method of communication? which is your least preferred?

Face to face or internet. Least preferred is letter and telephone.



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