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Research Topics January 30, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Research Project.
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I have not yet made up my mind about a topic…it just seems that all the good topics are taken already.
-Internet Ethics. Why isnt there Internet Ethics…as we have about the media?
-Does Internet units or breaks up a family?
Note: this is topic is actually an AOL discussion topic, which I have seen on a street banner on my way to ASDA last week…I really like the topic).
-internet the “Big Brother”…network surveillance.


Cyborg Manifesto (edited version) January 30, 2006

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Just a few comments about what I understood from Donna Haraway’s Manifesto:
-Haraway belives that we are shifting away from individual isolation to more of a network….
My comment: I personally agree and disagree. I agree that networks are formed, but networks (community network) have been formed ages ago, so what’s new. I think what’s new is the type of network, we have now a new form of network which is vitually based. I strongly believe that people still live in isolation (just as an experiment leave the computer now and walk out on the street..try to be friendly with anyone walking by, what’s the outcome?). Bottom line people still live in isolation in the “real world”..but that might not be the case virtually.

-Harawy also gave the notion of love/hate relationship with machines.
My comment: I agree completely. I love technology, machines, computers, internet and how it facilitates my life..yet I hate it because it made me so dependent on it.

-To Haraway the modern world reality is that there is a strong relation between people and technology.
My Comment: Amin. Technology cant’ live with it, cant’ live without it (unfortunetly)

-To Harawy the world is a tangled hybrid network – natural and artificial are tangled and incorporated together.
My comment: I truely believe in that. That’s why we are in a mess. We are caught and tangled in the web (in technoweb I mean and not only the internet). We are becoming too dependent on technology/machine. It has really become so difficutl to differentiate between what is natural and what is artificial…even the food that we eat…how much in it is natural and how much is artificial? Even people are becoming artificial (women with silicon breasts, men pumping up with steriods and the list goes on). This is the sad bad reality of our world today.

And finally according to Harawy to survive in this world we need to speed on the complex realities of technoculture?
My comment: This is a complete utopian statement, and actually this will lead us to self destruction? I think the real problem is the struggle for power. Just turn on the news on TV, radio or internet and you will know what I am talking about. It’s really all about power and control. I think we should stop speeding up for a moment and think about what have we done to ourselves, to the nature and take it from there.

I dont mean to offend anyone here this is just my own personal opinion of what I read…you are free to comment and give me your feedback.

Sample photos January 30, 2006

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volker sent me samples of photos to work on.


About me January 30, 2006

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About me

My name is Volker Scherl, and I’m currently living with my wife Marwa in
Cairo, Egypt. I am working as an project manager for an German Company.

I have an educational backgroud in photography, but I’m not a photographer by profession. But it is my passion and it is a form of meditation for the past 10 years.

I am more interested in the artistic side of photography rather than the
commercial side. And now I would like to share my photos with others, I guess it is more satisfying than letting them stored away in my hard drive.

Most of the photos on this site posted prior to 2006
were taken with my Nikon D70 . Since more than 15 years I am working with Nikon Cameras, as the F801s, F3 and F5.

All photographs on this site are not royal free but available for licensing. Contact me for details

Please feel free to comment on any of the images you like.

So I will stop here and let you enjoy.

Volker Scherl


Categorising the image site January 30, 2006

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As agreed with Volker the site will start off with two main categories (each
category will have five section and each section will
have 4-6 photos):

-Cairo (4-6 photos)
-Alexandria (4-6 photos)
-Sharm El Sheikh (4-6 photos)
-Siwa (4-6 photos)
-Baharia (4-6 photos)

-People (4-6 photos)
-Transportation (4-6 photos)
-Signs in Egypt (4-6 photos)
-Sunset (4-6 photos)
-Crafts (4-6 photos)
-Desert (4-6 photos)


Image Site SOS January 28, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.
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Till now I cant find any programmer or coder to help me. My extent of web design knowledge unfortunately is restricted to static pages using Dreamweaver. I am trying to build a web photo site with the following features:
-includes a search engine
-includes taking orders online
-tracking system

I have been browsing the net for the past week with no success, all what is offered out there are ecommerce softwares, and I dont think that is what Claudia wants, other forums are suggesting to join a college that offer ASP courses. I am completely lost here.

Any leads will be greatly appreciated.


Photo site rolling January 28, 2006

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Ok I have never done this before…but its quite interesting and exciting to go through the development.

-Initial contact with Client is established.
-I will mainly create an online photo
-I am not sure about the ecommerce side of it…still to be discussed
-This site will mainly display images, include search function, allow users to comment on images and order images online (I am not sure how I will do this part).
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 22:21:41 +0100 (MET)
From: “Volker & Marwa Scherl” View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
To: “lubna salama”
Subject: Re: Online client agreement
Hi Lubna,

I am sorry, I was very busy these days, so lets start now:

1-can you please fill the attached questionnaire
I will do it tomorrow!
2-I will need to know what categories you want? and
How would you want to categorise the images:
By locations or by theme? or both?
I think, both would be better
By Location:

By Theme:

3-I will need you send me a background profile about
What exactly do you want to have in the background profile,? My CV?

4-I will need you to send the photos 🙂 (I was
thinking either via email or you can send me a CD Rom
via courier or something?
I can send you some pics by mail on Saturday or Sunday , and when
is flying to London again in about 10 days I can send a CD with him
Sorry if I am loading you but I will need the text
about you, the online agreement, and at least some
photos by February 4 to be able to start working on
concept and building the site 🙂
How many pics do you need to start with your work? Are you looking for
something special?

You will hear soon from me!

A DAP project idea: Your privacy is our top concern January 24, 2006

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“Your privacy is our top concern. We work hard to earn and keep your trust, so we adhere to the following principles to protect your privacy: We will never rent or sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes; We will never share your contact information with another user, unless both of you choose to contact one another; Any sensitive information that you provide will be secured with industry standard technology”

Your privacy is our top concern…(or rather say breaching your privacy is our top concern) How can people buy into these things…I personally dont believe a word of it…..The internet gives a whole new meaning for media ethics, rights of privacy is and you know the rest.

Hongy how about we do our group project for DAP around this issue 🙂

User Response: Dalia Emam January 24, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Issues in Interactive Media.

Responses to the questionnaire I sent out to find what what users/designers seek when they search for photos online.

Lost January 24, 2006

Posted by lsalama06 in Personal Diary.

Since when have I been living a lie? Since when have I been such a fool in believing in you? What did I do to deserve this from you. Was it wrong to fall for you? Was it wrong to trust you? How could I have been so blind.

I never imagined you would do this to me, leaving me for someone else. There are so many questions I want answered that will probably never be answered. You now have me questoning what went wrong in our relationship, or rather you actually never considered it a relationship, just a causual affair.

I am hurt and immensely consumed by sadness. I know I’ve many times let my feelings lead my actions and it was harmful. I blinded myself to loving you. Maybe you’ve never understood who I truly am, head to feet, body and soul. I like to think if you had known me
better you might have dedicated yourself to me as much as I did to you.

I know I have to stop trying to justify everything, its too late anyways because obviously you have made up your mind about us. Now I have no choice other than to surrender to the unexpected, betray.

(a Letter from a dear dear friend who has lost all her faith in Love..my words for her would be…for someone who betrayed you like this its not even worth thinking of…. you have to try to move on and someday Your True love will be there).